Matthew Hojaij

São Paulo

Tricolor and Hurricane continue in the fight against relegation in the Brazilian Championship, but lacking few points to ensure permanence.

São Paulo and Athletico players on the field (Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF)
São Paulo and Athletico players on the field (Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF)

On this Wednesday (24th) night, São Paulo e Athletico tied 0-0 at Morumbi, in a match valid for the 34th round of the Brazilian championship. The result keeps both in the fight against relegation, five points behind Bahia, the first team in the Z4. For having a greater number of victories, 12 to 9, Hurricane takes the best in the tiebreaker criteria.

The first half was of total domination by São Paulo. On minute 6, Rigoni received a lifting pass from Calleri and, between the defenders, submitted it to a defense by Santos. The Argentine took danger even after 10 and 11 minutes, with two shots from outside the area. In the second, the Athletico goalkeeper practiced a good defense.

A tough challenge by Reinaldo on Renato Kayzer, which resulted in a yellow card for shirt 6, would have cooled the game even further. São Paulo only took danger in the 27th minute, in Reinaldo’s cross from the left. Gabriel Sara dodged slightly and, on the second post, Arboleda could not complete the goal.

In the second half, Tricolor maintained its dominance in the attacking field and had a chance after just two minutes. Rigoni started from the right, cleared the marking and kicked. The ball stopped at Marcinho’s mark. Athletico’s first most conclusive arrival came at 10, with a shot over Christian.

At 15 minutes, Zé Ivaldo tried a retreat for Santos and almost gave the ball for free to Pablo. Santos kicked over shirt 9, and Hurricane got the goal kick. Afterwards, the match was well tied. São Paulo once again created a chance at 37: Orejuela crossed, and Pablo headed out.

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