Sarah Aline, Domitila and Key are on the wall

Another wall was formed at Big Brother Brasil 2023 this Sunday (5) and Sarah Aline, Domitila Barros and Key Alves did badly. With that, the three compete for staying in the house until Tuesday (7).

This week’s dynamic has already started with Key Alves on the wall, after indication by MC Guimê, who attended Big Fone during the week.

Then, the singer, who also won the angel, freed Bruna Griphao from the vote. Leader Fred came right after and sent Sarah Aline straight to the hot seat.

The diversity analyst had gotten the Wildcard Power and chose to be on the yellow side of the house, which was split in two. Then, the groups voted member by member, defining two more names – one on each side.

On the yellow side, Marvila and Larissa were the most voted and leader Fred had to choose, putting Marvila on the wall. In blue, Domitila Barros was chosen.

Finally, Cezar Black, who managed to save himself from Guimê’s nomination for the wall after also answering Big Fone, nominated the singer, returning the unwanted gift.

After giving the names of Key, Marvila, Domitila and MC Guimê for the Bate e Volta Test, Tadeu Schmidt announced that everyone in the house would lose 100 stakes because of the parallel conversations during this Sunday’s game.

In an intense and disputed race, the four brothers had to remove plaques to advance in the dispute and get rid of the wall. Guimê and Marvila were saved and won R$10,000 each. The other two were not so lucky.

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