Sarah Sheeva Calls Coldplay ‘Capetaplay’: ‘Heaven Doesn’t Play’

		Sarah Sheeva Calls Coldplay 'Capetaplay': 'Heaven Doesn't Play'
Photo: SBT

The marathon of concerts made by the band Coldplay in Brazil, in all 11 presentations, has not pleased some people, among them the pastor Sarah Sheeva, daughter of the singer Baby do Brasil.

On social media, the religious detonated the British band led by Chris Martin and claimed that the music was inspired by the “spirit-of-glory-of-the-world”.

“Whoever thinks the devil is so stupid as to reveal himself in the lyrics of a song is wrong. IT IS NEVER THE LYRICS THAT MINISTER. WHAT MINISTER IS THE MELODY. The lyrics enter “ONLY” your mind (soul, understanding), however , the melody enters your human spirit, and ministers and RELEASES something within you, which you do not discern with your mind/soul”, he stated at the beginning of a long text on the subject.

		Sarah Sheeva Calls Coldplay 'Capetaplay': 'Heaven Doesn't Play'
Photo: Reproduction / Social networks

For Sheeva, the topic and her opinion on the subject was radical, however, she was fulfilling an order from God.

“The effect of listening to this band will come into your life in the coming months (…) Make no mistake, in heaven they don’t play “Capetaplay”, the angels of God don’t sing “Coldinferno”, they don’t like it, but you do, you He likes it, and he doesn’t give up on it… On the big day, you won’t be able to say that God didn’t use someone to warn you, because I’m here doing this work by His order.”


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