Sarik Andreasyan will film a film about a plane landing in a corn field

It became known who will be in the director’s chair of the previously announced film about the landing of the Ural Airlines liner in the corn field in 2019. Sarik Andreasyan will shoot the picture.

How is he wrote on his Instagram page, they will work on the film next summer, “when the corn is ripe.” “I am sure that we will make a spiritually uplifting film in which there will be a place for love, goodness, life and hope,” the filmmaker believes.

Recall that the information that the shooting of the film will still take place was confirmed last week by the commander of the crew, Hero of Russia Damir Yusupov. Today he shared some details of the creative process.

According to him, he met the director and his team through good friends. I watched Andreasyan’s films “The Earthquake” and “The Unforgiven”, based on real stories, and agreed to be a consultant for the future film.

“More than a year ago, I received an offer from another person to create a film, but the proposed script was fictional and was very different from the truth, so I had to refuse,” the pilot explained.

The crew of the Ural airline became famous for their impeccable response in an emergency situation: Airbus collided with a flock of birds during the climb, engines failed. It was literally on the belly to plant a heavy car with passengers on board – in a corn field near the village of Rybaki near Moscow.

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