Saulo participates in Bloco da Anitta and then goes down to popcorn

Carnival is not over yet. At least not for Anitta and Saulo. The singer participated in the famous “Bloco da Anitta”, in Rio de Janeiro this Saturday morning (25).

Next to Poderosa, the Bahian singer sang the hit “Eva” and stirred up the crowd. After singing with Anitta, Saulo left the trio and went to enjoy the popcorn.

At Salvador’s carnival, Saulo performed on Thursday, at Barra-Ondina, and on Tuesday, at Campo Grande. Tuesday’s popcorn had reports of confusion and the singer said, on Instagram, that he will rethink the presentation for next year. Anitta, on the other hand, was in Salvador on Friday, at “Eu Vou”.

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