Saulo vents about carnival and promises to rethink popcorn

“Sweet Popcorn” Saul it is traditionally one of the most anticipated during Salvador’s carnival. However, this year, the parade faced several problems, especially on the Osmar circuit, last Tuesday (21).

The number of public was greater than expected, and already on the press catwalk, in Campo Grande, there were reports of tightness. The situation continued throughout the circuit and several fans felt sick.

According to revelers who were present and reported on social networks, in addition to the heat, the delay in the parade contributed to the concentration of a larger number of people. In addition, Psirico’s audience, which came right after the artist’s, squeezed between the singer’s.

“I have never seen popcorn this full in my entire life,” wrote one person.

“It was the fault of the trio behind who were literally cornering their popcorn! We will continue with you because your popoca is love and love overcomes any obstacle”, wrote another.

On social networks, Saulo vented about what happened and assured that he will rethink the production of popcorn. In the publication, he reaffirms his desire to promote equality and diversity in a “safe and peaceful way”.

“My dear ones…the desire to make popcorn comes from promoting equality and fun for all in a safe and peaceful way…I promised myself that when that tranquility, for whatever reason, did not exist, I would rethink and revise. I will. Nothing is more important than people’s safety. I apologize a lot for what happened at the back of the trio, I wanted to hug and be able to calm all the people who felt sad and afraid at that moment…with God and the Orixás and all the positive forces, we were able to finish our mission in peace once again …So grateful for everything, for all these years in your magical company. Jump popcorn, jump pretty “, wrote the artist.

In the comments, Saulo’s fans highlighted that the situation that occurred during the parade was not the artist’s fault, but demanded a better organization on the part of state and municipal management.

“The best popcorn is Saulinho’s. The problem was the organization of the exit. The time gap between trios was very short. Apart from that, yesterday’s program called thousands of people to Campo Grande, Barra was “empty”. Pipoca do Psirico behind, even if unintentionally, contributed to the push push. Many people had a bad time and others were unable to accompany Saulo until the end. The City Hall and the State Government need to listen to the people so that in 2024, all the popcorn will allow the population to participate in a peaceful and safe way”, wrote a fan.

“It wasn’t your popcorn’s fault, the back trio came with everything and didn’t expect us to distance ourselves. But still, it was beautiful!! Thank you so much,” said another.

“You are not to blame, singer. The back trio was squeezing too hard. Your popcorn was beautiful and special, as always!”, commented a fan.

“Saulo, it wasn’t your fault, your loyal audience was there. I saw so many children, the elderly, entire families, all with their eyes shining, waiting for you. I’ve always been your fan, on the street, at concerts, anywhere and yesterday I really told you that it was very difficult, a tragedy could have occurred and, therefore, the City Hall does need to rethink a new format, especially for you and for us, your fans. People were in panic, many felt sick, but God helped and everything went well. Its brightness cannot be extinguished because of this, on the contrary, we need to fight for this space, which is one of the most beautiful moments that the Bahia Carnival offers, a family popcorn full of Light”, reported another.

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