Maria Becerra He crossed the pond to perform in Punta del Este, within the framework of the American Rockstars festival, which the Uruguayan city organized at the convention center. A mega event that the singer was responsible for closing with a massive show.

The Argentine lived a dream, in fact, within hours she jumped on her social networks to express the emotions that ran through her skin when singing in front of thousands of people. Of course, the show was plagued with controversy, firstly because many viewers complained about María’s vocal quality and then because the national government initiated an investigation for the breach of the allowed capacity.

But that was not all. Obviously something happened with Becerra, because she was involved in a situation of aggression and wrong behavior on her part. All of this was described in LAM, where the correspondent in Uruguay launched into recounting controversial episodes.

The chronicler started the complaint against Becerra with his refusal to chat with Argentine journalists: “Here we were eager to interview María, who is the girl of the moment. She did not want to speak to Argentine media”.

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Thus came the sharp description of Yanina Latorre who added: “It was worse, her manager commented that she hates the Argentine press and that she asked not to be approached under any point of view. He gave notes to all kinds of Uruguayan media, but Argentine to nobody”.

Until the most explosive point arrived, since they revealed that Becerra’s private security attacked Gustavo Descalzi, the Uruguayan correspondent for América TV. The chronicler Pablo Cayaffa narrated the incident: “He avoided the Argentine press, when he left the stage we approached him to ask him respectfully, the security people took Descalzi out with great violence. They grabbed it, threw it, a very tense situation, a very uncomfortable situation. Maria kept going, she did not flinch”.

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