Actress Elena Proklova.

Actress Elena Proklova.


Relatives and friends grieve for Nina Ruslanova, who died in intensive care. The actress did not live to see her 76th birthday literally two weeks. She contracted the coronavirus, but refused to go to the hospital. On November 11, the actress was still hospitalized in intensive care. She was diagnosed with respiratory failure. All this happened against the backdrop of health undermined by strokes.

Elena Proklova starred with Nina Ruslanova in the film “Be My Husband”. “We have lost a wonderful actress, who played a huge number of wonderful roles. And I am grateful to the fate that I had the opportunity to work with her. We starred in the film“ Be my husband ”together, lived in Sochi and worked and rested together. Nina Ruslanova was very difficult , a difficult person, but also her fate was not easy“, – quotes the actress

Note that a few years ago, Proklova was disgraced after she confessed to romance with married artists. It was on the set of the film “Be My Husband” that Elena Igorevna had a short romance with Andrei Mironov. The relationship ended when the artist’s wife Larisa Golubkina came to the set.

“Yes, during the filming there was an affair … My wife came by. She came to our set – beautiful, smiling … She, of course, understood everything. I think that’s why she came … And Andryushka is a coward. He was a coward, he was afraid, worried … It’s funny! “- Elena Igorevna shared.

The obstinate artist, however, did not grieve at all. It turned out that another man had caught her attention. Proklova had her eye on the decorator Alexander Adamovich. For the sake of a new love, he left his wife and two children.

“I fell in love with him more. This is for you Mironov – an idol, but for me he was one of my admirers. Well, what can you do: here came such an Adamovich, yes, I fell in love, lost my head and said to Mironov:” Andryusha, sorry, this that’s all, the end. “Then for a long time there was suffering and persuasion on his part, but here I am. Why not? I was a single woman, unmarried, I had the right to answer everything I wanted to answer”, – spoke Proklova.

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