12-year-old Archie "gone" - The doctors disconnected the machines

Archie Battersby, the brain-dead 12-year-old boy from Britain who was on mechanical support, died on Saturday after doctors disconnected the machines that were keeping him alive.

His story caused a sensation in Britain as his parents were embroiled in a long legal battle.

They had initially fought against the decision to stop support and then allow them to take the boy to a respite center where he would have “a dignified end”.

Both appeals failed. The appeal against the cessation of support was rejected at the Court of Appeal and by the European Court of Human Rights, which ruled that it lacked jurisdiction.

The move to move him out of hospital was rejected when the court agreed with doctors who felt it would be life-threatening for the boy.

Archie had been in a coma since April 7, possibly because he had taken part in an online challenge. Doctors believe that he had no hope of recovery.

Left with no other legal recourse, Archie Battersby’s parents were notified that their brain-dead son’s mechanical support would be stopped from 12:00 (Greece time) on Saturday.

Speaking to Sky News, the boy’s mother, Holly Dance, said the hospital had made it clear there were no other options.

But she also admits that the possibilities in Justice were exhausted: “We did everything I promised my boyfriend that I would do,” she declared.

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