647 juvenile and juvenile offenders in the last three years in Cyprus

Crime on our island is increasing, with citizens afraid to move around, double-lock their front doors and live in fear of crime.

If we take a look back at the past, we will see that parents let their children play carefree in parks and neighborhoods without supervision or any communication with them, while today this is not done even mentally. What is happening every day in terms of crime and delinquency worries the citizens, who are trying to protect themselves in every way. However, delinquency is also observed from an early age, usually by adolescents, whom the authorities and the state are called upon to manage delicately, due to their young age but also due to their ignorance about the issue of crime and delinquency.

Thus, the state is called upon to implement tactics for the compliance of juvenile offenders, while for more serious issues special spaces will be created, since, due to their young age, they can not go to jail and serve their sentence there. It is for this reason that the state has created the juvenile court, so that the treatment of juvenile offenders will be commensurate with their age.

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