A French national swam 280 kilometers from Pomos to Larnaca

A French citizen, a permanent resident of Cyprus, Julien Mevel swam a distance of 280 kilometers from Paphos Paphos to Larnaca.

Julien Mevel started swimming on April 2 from Pomos in the direction of Larnaca, he swam 10-12 kilometers, 4-5 hours a day and at night he slept in his truck driven by close friends and relatives.

Today, the French swimmer finished his effort on the beach of Finikoudes in Larnaca, where he was welcomed by, among others, Virginie Corteval, Deputy Head of the French Embassy in Cyprus and the Larnaca City Councilor, Chairman of the Youth and Sports Committee, Andreas Christos friends and representatives of the charity Generation for Change CY, to whom he handed over the amount of 2,200 euros he collected.

In a statement, Julien Mevel described Cyprus as “the country that adopted him”, saying that his personal effort was “very difficult”, but he was happy, as he said, in every moment of his great effort.

Answering a relevant question, he said that starting from Pomos and ending in Larnaca, he found different beauties in every place and each region had something special to offer.

At the end of his effort in Larnaca, he said that he spends many family moments in this city and noted that he intends to carry out this project every year, but in a different way.

For her part, Virginie Corteval, Deputy Head of Mission of the French Embassy in Cyprus, expressed “great satisfaction and pride” that Julien Mevel, a French citizen, managed to swim around Cyprus and achieved his personal goal.

He expressed the appreciation that the specific action of Julien Mevel is a beautiful, symbolic act of proving the friendship between Cyprus and France, since he is a permanent resident of Cyprus. At the same time, he thanked the Municipality of Larnaca for the reception given to him on the beach of Finikoudes, while he expressed the wish and hope for the cooperation between Cyprus and France to continue.

Besides, the Municipal Councilor Andreas Christoforou, Chairman of the Youth and Sports Committee of the Municipality of Larnaca expressed special satisfaction for the reception of the swimmer in the city of Zenon and noted that “Larnaca is a city that contributes to sports, volunteering and has helped many refugees. and minorities “.

He added that “historically, Larnaca welcomes minorities, such as Armenians and Maronites, as well as refugees from Famagusta.”

Mr. Christoforou offered the swimmer a banner of the Municipality of Larnaca and a small gift.

Source: KYPE

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