A. Mavrogiannis: The protection of Akamas can not be negotiated

Independent presidential candidate Andreas Mavrogiannis in a statement for Akamas, says that in 2022, on an island where the effects of climate change are now visible, we can not follow the recipes of the past, adding that the protection of Akamas can not to be negotiated.

Mr. Mavrogiannis further states that it is inadmissible to reduce the protected area over the years, but also the efforts made to implement a local plan that, as evidenced by the discussions, leaves open any possibility of uncontrolled development and destruction of Akamas habitats. as it says.

It also considers inadmissible the fact that the process of drafting the local plan is done behind closed doors with “opaque procedures and refusal by the Minister of Interior” to be given to the competent committees of the Parliament, despite the strong demand from MPs, as stated in the written statement, adding that this can only concern and lead us all to concrete conclusions.

Source: KYPE

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