Monsters bigger than the Eiffel Tower will grow in the seas.  They are many times more efficient at harvesting wind than pinwheels

Women’s-led technology startups are relatively rare. The Canadian company Aurea is led by mechanical engineer Cat Adalay and designer Rachel Carr and their product is Shine Turbine portable wind turbine with its own battery.

Shine Turbine It easily charges pocket electronics such as phones, tablets, lights, cameras, etc. It is extremely fast in generating and storing electricity in various weather conditions and can be folded into the size of a liter of water bottle, ” states Aurea.

Folding wind turbine

“We offer wind energy that fits in a backpack,” Adalay follows. “Wind is the second largest source of clean energy in the world, but most people do not have direct access to it. As a team of outdoor enthusiasts with a science and engineering background, we have decided to create a wind energy product that will give users the freedom to generate their own clean energy day and night, in rain, cloudy skies or sunny weather. ”

It is a relatively sophisticated device, which is placed on a tripod after assembly and then automatically rotates against the direction of wind flow. The blades rotate the rotor that produces electricity, which is then stored in an integrated battery with a capacity of 12,000 mAh. The obtained electricity can be used even when the turbine is not in operation, however, there is also the possibility of direct charging of gadgets.

Charges your cell phone in 20 minutes

The manufacturer states that at the highest power, ie at a wind speed of 45 km / h, the Shine Turbine can produce enough energy to charge a smartphone in just 20 minutes. However, at a slower flow rate of 30 km / h, this time is more than tripled.

The turbine and battery weighs only 1.36 kilograms, it provides output power up to 40 watts and generates a maximum of 50 decibels during operation. Its assembly should not take more than two minutes and of course it is resistant to dust and water according to the IP54 standard. It can operate at temperatures from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius and wind speeds from 13 to 45 km / h.

Last year, the company offered its product through a crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. In the end, it was successful and received a total of 317,519 Canadian dollars from 1,166 contributors, which is about 5.8 million crowns. The first customers who paid $ 418 for Shine Turbine, ie about CZK 7,640, should receive the goods in October this year.

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