A youtuber is ahead of Sony and creates the world's first PS5 Slim |  VIDEO

The launch of the PlayStation 5 has caught the attention of many users, as the Japanese company has been interested in improving the experience of each user through its updates. Among the rumors that pointed to this console were the sale of new Pro controllers and the launch of a Slim version.

Despite constant requests from users, Sony never confirmed if it was going to work on a more compact console. For this reason, youtuber Matthew Perks, who is in charge of the DIY Perks channel, has surprised the community with his own PS5 Slim creation.

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The content creator has considerably reduced the original size of the Sony device, as this does not exceed 2 cm. thick. To achieve this, Matthew has used some original PS5 parts and put them together with other homemade components to achieve the goal of creating this Slim version.

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Despite the great feat of Perks, this PS5 Slim does not have all its parts inside the case, as its cooling system is outside of it; however, the merit is imminent as it has managed to squeeze almost all other components into a very small device.

You can see the creation of the PS5 Slim in the following video.

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