AEK is three and goes to the final in Vikelidis!

Three in the “must win” and now all for everything with Aris: AEK easily beat PAS Giannina in OAKA (3-0), caught Aris at 56 points and goes to the next match in Vikelidis for the… European final.

In the 10th minute, PAS was the first to threaten in the match. Nice combination of Saliaka-Kyrkou with the last one from an advantageous position to shoot out. The 0-0 remained and AEK responded in the 12th minute after a corner by Mandalos, Simanski was surprised and could not place with the ball going out.

After 15 ‘Garcia came forward and Amrabat on the right and five minutes later was the big phase for AEK.

Chuber’s shot, Amrabat tried to place, but Lodigin kicked. As AEK passed, it increased its speed and pressed, making a new opportunity in the 26th minute with a shot by Krichoviak through the area that Lodigin expelled with difficulty.

PAS was playing with counterattacks and in the 28th minute it threatened with a header by Pereas just out. Everything started from a cross by Saliakas from the right, with the PAS forward catching his head alone from the height of the small area, with the ball passing just above the horizontal bar.

AEK threatened again in the 37th minute with Lodigin saying no again … A cross in the “heart” of the PAS defense by Mandalos and a great repulse of Lodigin on Mitoglou’s head. The goal was “baked” and came in 39 ‘. Terrible transfer of Krichoviak, nice cross shot of Hadjisafi and 1-0 for AEK.

The Union continued at the same pace and in the delays came 2-0 in the delays. After a cross by Amrabat, the ball was clearly found in the hand of Kargas. Diamantopoulos did not see the phase and needed the VAR with Amrabat after consulting with a penalty to make it 2-0!

AEK entered the second half equally strong and after threatening in the 54th minute with a foul by Livai, it came to 3-0 in the 59th minute with Krichoviak.

Wonderful build up of the “Union” from the defense to the attack, Mandalos left the ball Simanski to Krichoviak, who pressed the area and calmly made it 3-0.

The match ended there, with AEK trying more relaxed and calmer to find a 4th goal, as in 75 ‘. It was the phase where Chuber left the counterattack from the left. The Swiss pressed the area, gave the first crossbar to Tankovic, the Swede did not catch it, with the ball passing to the second crossbar and there from contact, Krichoviak almost put out.

The 3-0 was to be the final result in OAKA, with AEK taking morale in view of the “final” in Thessaloniki with Aris.

AEK (S. Ofridopoulos): Stankovic, Rota, Mitoglou, Tzavellas, Hadjisafi (67 ‘Mohammadi), Simanski, Krihoviak (78’ Sakhof), Mandalos, Garcia (73 ‘Michelen), Tsubar (78’ Ansa) Tankovic).

PAS Giannina (I. Metaxas): Lodigin, Saliakas, Eramouspe, Kargas, Rizos (64 ‘Mina), Karachalios, Stanko (72’ Siontis), Liasos (46 ‘Pantelakis), Snyder, Kyrkos (46’ Economopoulos), Perea ( 64 ‘Brenner).

REFEREE: Diamantopoulos Aristotelis (Arcadia)

ASSISTANTS: Psarris (Zakynthos) – Meintanas (Achaia)

4th: Fire

VAR: Jovanovic Srdan (Serbia) – Moussiadis (Epirus)

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