Disinformation sites are already blocked by mobile operators

On Friday, February 25, the day after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, CZ.NIC removed eight Czech domains belonging to disinformation sites from the so-called zone. The sites that were supposed to relativize and justify the attack lost their original address and had to move elsewhere, which many did.

Today CZ.NIC issued a reportthat eight domains should return to the zone soon. From the beginning, it was only an extraordinary temporary solution. The Czech Internet administrator states that after three months, ie from 25 May, he will no longer block domains unless instructed to do so by a court, the police or another competent public authority.

The purpose was to create time for the reaction of the relevant public authorities, not a permanent blockade only by a decision of the CZ.NIC association. That is also why the association called on the government of the Czech Republic to take systemic measures in the area of ​​prevention and prevention of the spread of misinformation in the online environment,“States CZ.NIC.

Blocking the domains Aeronet.cz, Protiproud.cz, Ceskobezcenzury.cz, Voxpopuliblog.cz, Prvnizpravy.cz, Czechfreepress.cz, Exanpro.cz and Skrytapravda.cz had only a temporary effect. The websites paralyzed it at the end of February in March, but as the ongoing analysis shows Investigace.czblocked sites are slowly returning to the new addresses they received in January this year.

CZ.NIC started blocking the mentioned domains on the basis of Article 17 of the registration rules, which states that the association is entitled, at its discretion, to cancel the delegation of a domain name if it threatens national or international computer security. According to Military Intelligence, these eight sites threatened security.

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