After the resignations of workers due to the demands of Elon Musk, #RIPTwitter becomes a trend

After Elon Musk demanded “extremely hard” work from its employees, hundreds of them began to quit. After the news broke, and Twitter closed its buildings until Monday, the hashtag #RIPTwitter has become a trend on the platform.

With an internal email, Musk asked his employees to commit to long hours to improve Twitter’s revenue. In case they refused, until this Thursday, November 17, they would be fired. The result of this communication was a queue of resignations on the platform.

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After the news broke and the former Twitter employees announced their departure on the same social network, the hashtag ‘#RIPTwitter’ (Rest In Peace, Twitter) became a trend. Users even started posting memes and saying goodbye to their followers.

Musk, in the midst of the controversy, sent a message through his personal account. “How do you make a small fortune on social media? Start by having a big”, tweeted the tycoon, humorously taking the situation.

Users are currently debating which social network they should migrate to. Telegram, Discord, Tumblr and Mastodon are the most named. Some only name WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook, ensuring that they will no longer have a place to confirm if any of these apps do not work correctly, since they become a trend on Twitter when they are down.

Elon Musk fired almost half of Twitter’s global workers, days before the ultimatum, assuring that it was a necessary measure as the company was losing millions. However, it seems that it was not expected that those who kept their jobs would decide to leave the company and not conform to its demands.

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