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In recent months, there has been a renaissance of smart glasses. While the last decade, when Google Glass overtook its time, there was no use for glasses, now new players are flocking to the industry. Now the Israeli company DeepOptics has come up with an interesting idea. Their glasses called 32 ° N use modern technology, only in a slightly surprising style.

32 ° N are the first glasses to turn from those sunglasses to single-swipe reading glasses.

The glasses don’t have a display or the smart features you’d expect, but they focus on the main thing – sight. Instead of traditional glass, it offers glasses made of liquid crystals, ie similar technologies as are used today for displays, not only smartphones. They can change their display properties after the supply of electrical voltage.

Without the need to change the glasses, you can use one of the glasses like the ones against the sun, but also, for example, for reading. Slides can also dynamically refocus between distant and nearby objects. Everything is controlled using a touch pad on the legs of glasses or a mobile application. All optical properties of the slides are then controlled by an integrated chip.

The glasses come in several versions with different colors to suit different users. But their shape remains the same. They are a bit more robust than conventional glasses, but they still look compact and you would definitely not guess the present technologies here. The 32 ° N glasses will go on pre-sale soon, at a price of $ 500 (CZK 12,000).

Introduction of DeepOptics 32 ° N glasses:

Source: DeepOptics

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