AKP representative: Greece's foreign policy is a state-tsandiri

The representative of the ruling party, Omer Celik, was particularly insulting towards the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias and Greece, today after the meeting of the Central Committee, chaired by Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

He described “childish” the behavior of Dendias in Libya and the foreign policy of Greece, a policy of a tsandiri state.

“As for the latest situation of the Greek foreign minister, I suppose that in the history of diplomacy and in the history of foreign policy you rarely come across such a miserable situation. Recently, he went to Libya. His plane landed in Tripoli. But when, as he was getting off the plane, he learned that the Libyan Foreign Minister, Nazla Mangous, was there, as he was about to get off… –his main purpose was to deliver a message to Benghazi. He didn’t get off the plane at the airport after all. He closed the plane door again in a childish manner. He closed the door and took off. Then he asked for permission to fly to Benghazi. The Libyan government did not give permission. Then he went to Malta. From there, he went to Benghazi by turning off the plane’s radar, making the plane invisible, and violating the sovereign rights of the Libyan state! Is it possible to have such a foreign minister? Can the diplomacy of a state be practiced with such nonsense? How pathetic is that? But why is all this happening? Because they don’t act on any position. Their only motivation for action is ‘what can we do against Turkey?'”

The agreement with Egypt was to get in the eye of Turkey

Then, expressing his irritation about the Greek-Egyptian agreement, he claimed that Nikos Dendias went to Cairo only to sign an agreement against Turkey and against the Turkish-Libyan memorandum, which Ankara signed with the legal – as he said- the government of Libya, which he has even registered with the United Nations.

“We made a joke between us – said the AKP representative – When our President shook hands with the Egyptian President, we said: “Dendias will go there tomorrow morning. And indeed it happened. Now, they are on high alert.”

Celik argued that if there is normalization between Turkey and Egypt, Greece fears that the illegal steps it has taken will be in vain and will have no effect, just as they did not in Libya.

“Their arrival there was intended to destroy the agreement Turkey made with the UN-recognized legitimate government. To support other forces in Libya trying to overthrow the government recognized by the UN as legitimate. This is the first one. And then, what should we do in these areas against Turkey? What should we sign against Turkey? Or, how to handle all this?’.

Because, if there is normalization between Turkey and Egypt, they fear that some illegal, illegal steps of Greece in the Mediterranean will fail. Of course, they will have no effect. They couldn’t have it in Libya either. They couldn’t have it in other places either. So this is not a foreign policy of a state. This is foreign policy-cheat. It is completely anti-Turkish, anti-Erdogan, and the language they use is in no way respectful.”

Omer Celik also said that Greece, in addition to being a “spoilt child” is also a “trouble” for Europe and warned Athens that it is not going to solve problems like this, unless it sits at the table with Turkey.

“And when we meet with our European interlocutors, everyone knows that (Greece) is Europe’s spoiled child. It is also a problem for Europe. Because of some common cultural codes, because of some historical ties, they are tolerated. What Greece needs to do is to resolve its issues with Turkey at the table. Whoever you follow against Turkey, nobody will benefit you. At most they should make 3-4 statements. Greece will solve its issues with Turkey only at the table.

I would also like to say the following to Greece: In their difficult times… They experienced an economic crisis… Turkey did not take advantage of it. They experienced a series of natural disasters. Turkey did not take advantage of this either. Now, however, we are recording all that they have done against Turkey. Of course, we won’t forget anyone. And none of that will work.”

Mitsotakis and Dendias are running behind us

The representative of the AKP, Omer Celik, even claimed that Greece is following Turkey’s footsteps in foreign policy and the approach of allies!

“If after Turkey’s normalization steps with some countries, the Greek Foreign Minister or the Greek Prime Minister rush to go to these countries, or go to other countries with which Turkey has just developed relations, or when Turkey does further steps with countries with which he already has relations, I can only say one thing: We will take such steps that Mitsotakis and Dendias will not have time to land because they will be constantly spinning in the air. Because they will follow in our footsteps.”

Greece is ungrateful

The representative of the ruling party also said that Greece is behaving “ungratefully”.

“Greece, which we allowed to return to NATO after they had previously left, is today a country where terrorist organizations camp against Turkey, from FETÖ to the PKK terrorist organization. It is a country that actively supports them, where the organization (PKK) has camps.”

Of course, he left spikes for both the USA and France.

“We can give more examples of such allies of ours. “We know – he said meaningfully – which of our allies support terrorist organizations in Syria, we know which of our NATO allies provide them with training in Syria, we know which cement industry, which has relations with a NATO ally country (s.s. . France), goes and builds outposts and headquarters there. But we don’t want to give information about them.”

Cyprus: “And then expect concessions from Turkey”

Omer Çelik, targeting the EU in particular, argued with regard to the inclusion of the pseudo-state in the Organization of Turkish States that it is a shame for those who launched threats.

“There have been some important developments in foreign policy. Undoubtedly, the most important of them is the acceptance of the ‘TRDB’ as an observer member in the Organization of Turkish States. I would like to say that we absolutely reject the relevant statements of some countries, especially the EU, that they write letters or make statements threatening, blackmailing or targeting the Turkish states because of this step they have taken. On an island divided in two, you accept the Greek Cypriot Administration as your sole representative! After that, expect concessions from the Turkish side. Everyone should know this: whatever the cost, there are two equal societies on this island. And the ‘TRNC’ is a sovereign state. The Republic of Turkey will support the ‘TRDB’ to the end to protect its rights and interests. The case of the Turkish Cypriots is the case of all of us. It is one of the fairest cases in the world. It is a shame what all those who issued threats after the TRNC became an observer in the Organization of Turkish States did. It is a success. It is a success for the TRNC. It is a success for our state. And after that, Allah first, we will see together new developments regarding the TRNC.”

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