This is the aircraft tested for a long-distance flight.  (Photo:

The electromobility keep giving surprises. One of the fields explored is air travel, where some advances in vehicles that would circulate within a city are known. However, an electric plane was tested in the United States, reaching 2,257 kilometers of flight (1,407 miles).

To give us an idea, the result is close to the distance from Tacna to Tumbes (2,498 kilometers). However, in direct flight it is superior since the distance between these regions is only 1,952 kilometers, in about two hours.

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In this case, the Beta Technologies plane flew between New York and Arkansas. It was done in a total of 12 hours of flight and the two pilots in charge had to do several shifts to reach a successful conclusion, the media reported. . His trip began on May 23, keeping the results in reserve.

The ship, named after Ali, It has a single propeller that is driven by two electric motors. “I think that with this type of flight, at a very high level, we changed the image of what electric aviation is,” said the company’s CEO, Kyle Clark. He also mentioned that the idea of ​​the test was to demonstrate that longer flights could be made outside of a local area.

This is the aircraft tested for a long-distance flight. (Photo:

The mission took eight days. In that time, the vehicle made some stops and had to face some delays due to bad weather. “We ran into the weather, we operated from austere locations, we tested our charging network,” said Camron Guthrie, one of the pilots in charge of the test. According to the company, one of the goals is to demonstrate that piloted flights can be carried out, with cargo and at great distances.

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