Analysis of Black Friday 2021. E-shops again lied about discounts, but the two largest are leading by example

Shopkeeper, backed by experts and data analysts from Apify, Kebooly and Topmonks, has launched a new Dashboardwho checks discounted products in 30 e-shops every day. The guard checks the number of items, the number of discounts, the average amount of listed and real discounts.

Real discounts are a term that we should have heard everywhere for almost a month. The European directive regulating the way online retailers inform about discounts was to be implemented into the laws of EU member states by May 28 this year.

However, the Czech legislation is still behind and the proposal is still in the comment procedure and it is not clear whether it is enough to legislate at least by the end of the year. However, as lawyer Petra Stupková from Legitas points out, Czechs who feel cheated by the inaccurate calculation of discounts could already refer to the European directive.

The proposal simply states that the stated discount must be calculated from the minimum price at which the goods were sold 30 days before the discount. This will effectively combat products that are at perpetual discounts calculated from retail recommended prices, but for which they have never been sold. At the same time, this will make it impossible for shops to increase the price of products shortly before the discount promotion, so that the discount will then look better.

The store watcher states that the two largest stores, Alza and CZC, which have already cooperated with the store guard in the past, set an example. TSBohemia has also prepared in advance for the planned amendment of the laws. However, most stores are waiting for a change in Czech legislation and discounts calculate as they see fit.

The AAAAuto bazaar, for example, is building on the prankster, where the amount of discounts does not correspond in 86% of cases, because “áčka” often state prices at which cars have never been sold, or compare them directly with new ones. Or Mountfield, where almost the entire catalog of goods is discounted and the reference prices have nothing to do with reality. You can find the evaluation of individual e-shops and their comments on the planned regulation at

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