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Amazon CodeWhisperer adds code in Python, Java and Javascript. Like Copilot, it uses a neural network

We play with GitHub Copilot.  Artificial intelligence will program for you and help newcomers

Amazon at the re: MARS conference introduced its AI assistant for AWS platform developers. His name is CodeWhispererThere is available on invitation and can supplement complex program code similar to competing Copilot from GitHub.

CodeWhisperer is part of the SDS tools for developers on the AWS platform. These are available for several development environments such as Cloud9, JetBrains or Visual Studio Code.

It also follows that CodeWhisperer is primarily intended for AWS subscribers, whose products it will focus more on whispering. Copilot, on the other hand, is a generic replenisher without specific specialization.

Amazon CodeWhisperer and AI whispering in Python, Java and Javascript

CodeWhisperer is free in trial mode, but you can expect Amazon to pay for it later. Copilot is going in the same direction. Its one-year free operation is currently ending, and users are already seeing subscription offers if they want to continue.

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