amazon has announced that it has successfully stopped three websites dealing in the buying and selling of fake reviews from their fraudulent activity after taking legal action earlier this year.

The company led by Jeff Bezos confirmed that websites Fivestar Marketing, Matronex and AppSally, are no longer available as a result of this legal process. All of them published fraudulent content aimed at Amazon customers in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain, according to the multinational.

As a result of this closure, almost 350,000 people who used these pages and were willing to write false reviews about the products of amazon “they no longer have incentives to do so”.

As they have stated in a blog post, the company considers that “the product reviews they are one of the most useful functionalities” and that these must offer “confidence to buy or not a product and also suppose a way for honest entrepreneurs and businessmen to differentiate their products from others with similar characteristics”.

However, he believes that these are only useful “if they accurately reflect what has been the real experience of consumers with a product”, so it seeks to tackle all those that do not meet these criteria.

litigation will follow

To continue their efforts to ensure a safe shopping experience, they have also announced that will take legal action against Extreme Rebate, another of the main buying and selling pages of reviews. This is a Hong Kong-based website that posts misleading reviews at Amazon locations in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Canada.

As Amazon has learned, extreme rebates manages a fraudulent model that offers free products and up to four dollars for a five-star rating that is at least 15 words long and includes photos and videos.

Amazon expects to receive information about who has contracted its services to remove fake reviews that have not yet been identified and removed by advanced processes and monitoring technology.

The company has recalled that it introduced the product reviews in 1995 and has “clear policies” that prohibit fraud and abuse, including payments for reviews and requests for positive reviews.

It has also detailed has more than 10,000 employees worldwide dedicated to protecting businesses from fraud and that combines this human team with advanced machine learning technology (‘machine learning’). As a result of these actions, Amazon has determined that over 99% of products viewed on Amazon contain only authentic reviews.

“Our goal is to offer the best shopping experience to our customers and, in this sense, the strategy to prevent the activity of these pages is working”points out in this writing.

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