An additional 1,365 Covid deaths occurred internationally on Saturday

A further 423,461 new cases of coronavirus were recorded worldwide on Saturday, April 30, and an additional 1,365 new deaths, according to the Worldometers website.

With these, the total number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic amounts to 513,348,944 worldwide and the total deaths due to the virus to 6,260,762.

Today, 39,722,135 active cases are recorded internationally, of which 41,408 (0.1%) are serious or critical, while 99.9% or 39,680,727 are slightly ill.

In the USA, a total of 83,066,907 cases have been recorded since the beginning of the pandemic, while the total number of deaths is 1,020,833. 43,079,188 cases and 523,843 deaths were recorded in India.

In Brazil there were 30,448,236 cases since the beginning of the pandemic and 663,551 deaths, while in France out of a total of 28,645,285 cases 145,930 deaths were recorded. In Germany, 24,761,600 cases and 135,900 deaths were recorded.

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Source: KYPE

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