Great news for drivers: supports Android Auto

At the Google I / O conference, we not only learned about software news related to Android 13, but the American giant also unveiled a redesign of the Android Auto application. It is used to connect an Android smartphone with the infotainment system of modern cars. You do not have to download the application in any way, but it is directly part of the system. And soon a lot of news will get into it.

The biggest is adapting the application interface to the dimensions, orientation and resolution of the display itself. By default, the application will use the split screen mode, so that you have the most important applications at hand – news, resp. contacts, music player controls, and navigation. And you don’t have to constantly switch between applications.

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Android Auto will be “required” to use Split Screen mode. This allows more important information to fit on the display at one time

From the so-called “dock”, which will be located at the bottom edge of the display or on the edge closest to the driver’s seat, you will be able to launch Google Assistant, the last notification or there will be a button to open the application menu. The voice assistant can now suggest quick answers when communicating while driving, including automatic sharing of the estimated time of arrival at the destination with your contacts in the phone book.

Cars that have Android Auto OS installed will soon receive an additional web browser and the ability to watch YouTube videos directly on the car screen. In addition, they find out from the phone exactly where they parked their car. Google wants to make even more use of the in-car display in the future, so users will soon be able to easily stream content from the phone to the auto-display.

This is what the new version of Android Auto will look like:


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