Apple could add a wireless iPhone charger to MacBook keyboards

Manzana has not revolutionized much the design of its macbooks Over the past few years, changes have come in chips, interconnectivity, and even processors. Design-wise, various colors and sizes have been explored, but nothing as novel as a ‘redesign’.

Now, it is known of an idea that was patented by the company, with which they could add a very useful functionality for users.

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The patent describes the transformation of the bottom of a MacBook, specifically in the keyboard area, that could bring a wireless charging pad for iPhone cell phones.

To form the surface, consider materials such as plastic, glass or ceramic material and in the document it is described as a way to “improve the appearance of the MacBook without having the drawbacks of some traditional device constructions”.

Similar ideas were presented in 2018 by Apple in other patents. These types of modifications could become a reality, but the date cannot be guaranteed.

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