Apple: iOS 16 will allow reporting spam in SMS and MMS messages

The second beta of iOS 16 extends the option to report a iMessage received as spam in the application Messages of iPhone to the SMS Y MMSand for now it will only be available for certain mobile network operators in the United States.

Apple differentiates on its support page between two types of messages within its Messages ‘app’: liMessages and SMS or MMS. Both are text messages, photos or videos, but the former can be sent via WiFi networks or mobile data, they are always encrypted and are represented in a blue speech bubble. For its part, SMS and MMS are not encrypted, they are shown in green bubbles within the application and require the hiring of a messaging plan.

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Currently, users can report an iMessage as spam or junk if it came from a number that is not in their contact list. Now, those from Cupertino pose extend your range with iOS 16, according to the specialized portal MacRumors.

With the improvement introduced in the second beta of iOS 16, which is already in the hands of developers as reported by 9to5Mac, the user can press and hold on an SMS or MMS message to report it as spam before Apple, and also before certain US operators, such as Verizon.

This feature update enables a direct connection between the affected user and their mobile network operator, not just Apple itself. This speeds up this process, until now, it required forwarding the message to a four-digit number that varied depending on the operator, as highlighted by the medium engadget.

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The improvement does not include, however, the automatic blocking of the sender of said message. This procedure will still require manual intervention by the user himself.

To gain access to this and other iOS 16 improvements, users will have to wait until its release, which Apple hopes will take place in the fall.

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