Samsung is looking forward to the iPhone 14 just like Apple.  It makes the vast majority of displays for it

Apple originally planned to buy new memory 128-layer 3D NAND flash chips in bulk from YMTC (Yangtze Memory Technologies), which is one of the largest in this field in China.

For iPhones alone, Apple calculated that it would gradually purchase up to 40% of all memory chips from YMTC, while reducing the share from, for example, Samsung. But US government regulations are becoming increasingly strict when it comes to the import and export of technology, designs and generally any other critical information in connection with China.

And it was the Chinese company YMTC, along with 30 others, that was added to the black list of unverified companies, so that American companies are not allowed to do business with them without a special license.

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Apple so according the Digitimes website will use Samsung as a supplier of NAND flash chips for 2023, while it is already the main supplier of DRAM operating memories for Apple. An interesting fact is that the Korean Samsung also uses factories in China (Xian), which make up approximately 40% of the total production capacity for Samsung’s NAND flash chips with more advanced technology of 128 and 176 layers.

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