Apple says goodbye to China: the company will bet on European and American chips

Manzana expects to supply itself soon with semiconductors manufactured in a plant located in Arizona (USA) from 2024, without specifying who exactly will be the supplier of these semiconductors.

The CEO of the technology company, Tim Cook, has commented in a meeting with workers and engineers in Germany that, in addition to focusing on the production of chips in your home country, it also hopes to expand its supply from plants located in Europe.

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One of them would be located precisely in Germany, whose government is already in talks with the company’s main supplier, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), to implement a component factoryas Bloomberg has learned.

We will source from Europe as those plans become more apparent.”, commented the manager, also revealing that he has made the decision to acquire these components from a factory located in Arizonawhose inauguration is scheduled for 2024.

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From Bloomberg they have advanced that this factory would be the one currently run by TSMC and that operates in the city of Phoenix. Furthermore, this manufacturer is also studying the possibility of building a second center production in the United States.

This medium also recalls that the US government has launched a subsidy program, which is part of the law known as Chips and Science Act, with which he hopes to encourage the companies that manufacture these chips to expand in the country.

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Currently, TSMC manufactures much of its products at plants located in Taiwan, which has a high production share (about 60 percent of the world’s supply of processors, according to Cook).

these chips they are not taiwanese design, but it is Apple who is in charge of that part of the process. TSMC only produces them in the Asian country and sends them to the United States so that Apple can implement them in its terminals.

For the author of this article, analyst Mark Gurman, this would be a “important step” which would allow Apple stop depending on asia to have chips for your iPhone, iPad devices and Mac computers.

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It should also be remembered that, in mid-October, Nikkei Asia reported that Apple had decided to suspend its commercial agreement with the Chinese company Yangtze Memory Technologies Co. (YMTC), initially chosen to supply the 3D NAND memory chips for the iPhone 14.

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