just watch.

Apple TV It is a device that, like others, increase the capacity of your Smart TV to watch TV shows and movies. But not only that, it also allows the installation of different applications.

The main thing is that these applications must not only be part of the iOS app catalog, but must also be compatible with tvOS.

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Among the offer are paid and free apps. The specialized pageIt shows us some recommended applications, but that are accessible to everyone. These are some that yes or yes you should count on.

The device can be purchased at different prices, depending on the store. For example, the 32gb Apple TV 4K can be purchased from 749 soles, at a sale price.

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  • Calm. It is one of the prominent applications for meditation. It contains exercise videos and some relaxation videos to sleep. That is, you can find content to calm anxiety and control stress.
  • Coursera. This is an application that offers online courses. It became quite popular during pandemic lockdown periods. This platform gives you access to free online courses from more than 115 of the best universities and educational institutions in the world.
  • VLC. This is one of the most versatile media players. But it is not only used to play files on the device. You can also access the files that you have in the cloud, from Dropbox, GDrive, OneDrive, Box, iCloud Drive, iTunes, among others.

just watch.

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  • Twich. It is a live streaming service. Streamers from all over the world are connected here. He maintains close contact with the content creators, which is quite diverse.
  • PlutoTV. This is a platform for adding TV channels. It is a video platform with ads. That is, while it is being played, advertising will appear. The channels are live, like on any television.
  • Letterboxd. This is a social network for moviegoers and seeks to value the movies that are seen. It also allows interaction with comments. You can watch movies, rate and follow other users with similar tastes to form communities.


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  • just watch. This is another streaming platform, but to watch series or movies. According to Xataka, it has a search engine with more than 20,000 movies and series, and also filters for genres or years of release.
  • IPTV Streamer Max. It is an IPTV player. You only have to add a list with the channels through a file or through a URL, since it does not include them by default to avoid any type of legal problem. Of course, you will require a small payment to unlock all its options.
  • kayak. This app is for travelers. With it you can find flights and organize trips from the television. You can also create price alerts and perform flexible searches to find out which days in certain periods it is cheaper for you to make a certain trip.
  • myTuner Radio. This is an app that helps you listen to the radio, one of the oldest technological delights. It has 50,000 radio stations from 200 different countries and territories, with topics ranging from music to sports. There are also podcasts from different countries.

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