Apple will have to use Samsung memory chips in iPhones by 2023

Manzana is forced to use Samsung memory chips in its flagship device, the iPhone, from 2023. Due to a US trade ban against Chinese suppliers, the company will once again have to lean on its Korean rival.

Apple has quietly suspended plans to buy 128-layer NAND flash from Chinese supplier Yangtze Memory Technologies (YMTC) for iPhones destined for the Chinese market and is reportedly will have Samsung Electronics as an alternative supplier”, points out .

In accordance with Apple intended to buy these chips for use in iPhones sold in the Chinese market this year, with the possibility of eventually buying “up to 40% of the necessary chips”. However, the company did not count on political problems.

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The United States has banned trade with some Chinese suppliers. “Last month those plans were put on hold when YMTC and 30 other Chinese entities were added to an ‘unverified’ list of companies that US officials have been unable to inspect.and the supplier is expected to be blacklisted in early December for trade restrictions”, adds the medium.

This means that no US company can do business with them. “US companies are prohibited from sharing designs, technologies, documents or specifications with companies on the Unverified List without a license. Businesses that are unable to provide the necessary information within 60 days may be added to the US export control blacklist.”, he adds.

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YMTC is even investigated by the United States. “YMTC is also under investigation by the US Department of Commerce. on whether it violated Washington’s export controls by selling chips to Huawei, which is already blacklisted”, indicates.

For this reason, Samsung is the necessary alternative that the apple company has. “AApple will now use Samsung Electronics as an alternative supplier from 2023, according to supply chain sources cited in the report”, assures the portal.

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