10 tools that will help you in the study

The school and university stage can become exhausting not only because of the hours we spend sitting listening to classes, but also because of the homework and assignments that we must take home. Sometimes, it is normal for us to run out of inspiration and creativity to properly carry out homework.

To help you with that, here is a list of the best tools you will find in Internet to make the study more dynamic, simple and entertaining.

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10 tools that will help you in the study / pixabay

Language Tool

It is an online spelling, grammar and style checker that is very useful when you are studying a language and you need to do writing tasks, as it handles up to 20 different languages. It is also very complete in its operation, many editors use it in addition to the spelling functions of Word or Google docs.

I love PDF

Sometimes, taking information or working with PDF documents can become tedious, for example, when we cannot copy lines or make changes.

That’s why this web tool is very useful, which, among other things, converts documents to word, adds or deletes pages, allows you to make edits and many more options.


When we are working on an investigation, one of the main drawbacks is that more information is usually found in English than in Spanish, or even information of interest can be found in another language.

Fortunately, this website translates complete documents without modifying their format -for example, it is preserved in PDF-, it does not even require a program installation and it handles 109 languages ​​in which it can be translated.

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Do you need space for free storage, but you already have Google Drive or Dropbox? Then this website will come in handy for you. MEGA is another type of cloud file storage.

It makes it possible to save up to 20 GB of information for free, it includes point-to-point encryption security schemes, that is, only those who know the passwords will have access to the information. In addition, it includes a communication interface from which you can chat or make video calls with other users.


To be good in class we must not only read and manage reading files, we must also know how to use resources such as the creation of audiovisual content and presentations.

With this instrument you will be able to develop slides, video clips or record screens. And not only editing videos by mounting images, short clips and background audio, because it also gives the possibility of generating drawings and animated characters and including them later in audiovisual innovations. According to the site’s website, this instrument is widely used by human resources departments.


Aimed at those who are studying or are already working in areas with natural sciences such as biology, Bio Render is an interactive tool that makes it possible to generate graphics, images and infographics in relation to topics such as medicine, microbiology, cell biology, botany, neuroscience, immunology , among others.

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Just as Bio Render is used by natural science people, this is a very useful tool for marketing and communications students and professionals. Canva also handles a mobile app version.

Here we will have the possibility of producing graphic designs such as infographics, posters, invitation letters, posts for networks and even horizontal video clips for Instagram, YouTube or TikTok shorts, among others.


Cloud program widely used by organizational and tactical departments, in this it will be possible to produce various types of concept maps, from the easiest to flowcharts, mental maps, organizational charts, UML, network diagrams, among others.

In addition, you can work in general terms with other users, however, its free version only allows 3 collaborators.


At certain times you have to know how to prioritize efforts. Thus, when we have too many accumulated pending, we can use this website to paraphrase or write a text based on another that already exists.

What this tool does is rewrite texts, it creates a new version of the original text by changing words, adding synonyms and rearranging the order of the structure, but never without losing its coherence. In addition, it translates texts of up to 1,000 words.


If you are one of those who like to decorate their presentations in Powerpoint or Google Slides a lot, Slidesgo is the ideal tool for you.

Here you will find a wide variety of themes and designs to download and apply to your slides. And the best thing is that they can be customized.

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