Ark of the World: Former employee testified at the Juvenile Prosecutor's Office

A former worker in a structure of the Ark of the World was today at the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office in order to testify to the Prosecutors who are investigating the complaints of abuse of hosted children by persons of the NGO.

The witness, who has previously worked for Kivoto, is one of the persons whose allegations will be thoroughly examined by the Juvenile Prosecutors. Kopelaki and Dafni – Kyriaki Tsichli who are investigating the possible commission of the offenses of the abuse of a minor in lawlessness, which is prosecuted as a felony, and the misdemeanor of bodily harm against the weak.

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In the following days, the two Prosecutors will receive other witness statements, either from employees, or from children who were accommodated in the structures of the NGO and complain of abusive behavior against them.

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The investigation of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office has focused, based on the data in the case file, on the actions of a prominent executive of the NGO and three persons who work in structures.

Source: RES-MPE

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