Art unites people, said the award-winning photographer in Paphos

With a suitcase in hand for years, award-winning photographer Glen Allison captures life images, photographs and believes that the art of photography unites the world. He is currently in Paphos for the “Continuum” art exhibition, which opens at the Cotton Contemporary Art Gallery in Paphos, tomorrow Friday, May 6, at 18:00 in the afternoon.

Today, Thursday, in a press conference he gave at the Alexander The Great Hotel, he spoke about their experiences, his travels around the world.

He has photographed more than a hundred countries for more than three decades, and Glen Allison’s travel pictures have been published more than a hundred thousand times in most of the world’s top travel publications, including National Geographic and Conde Nast Traveler, which rank him as one of the most popular in the world of its kind.

His artistic travel photographs have been represented exclusively by Getty Images since the mid-1990s.

Initially at the press conference Laura Somma, Organizer of the Glen Allison Paphos Exhibition, referred to a statement by the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella that “art and culture are bridges that unite peoples”, adding that there may be no more important moment in recent history in which we need unity and harmony.

Referring to Glen Allison, she said she is an American artist, architect and photographer working for Getty, National Geographic and Conde Nast Traveler. An artist, he said, who has traveled all his life and will present his work at a British gallery in Paphos. According to Ms. Somma, originally from Italy, this report makes us realize that there are no obstacles and differences, but there are only peoples who express grace and beauty.

As mentioned, many of these Glen Allison photographs have won numerous international awards, including recognition by the American Society of Media Photographers along with winning first place at the American Aperture Awards and numerous gold and silver medals in the Prix photography competition. la Photographie Paris among many others.

The images of the “Continuum” exhibition represent the continuous flow of his artistic progress over the years, he added.

Before starting to talk about the photos in his exhibition, Mr. Allison referred to a short story to show where his mindset comes from, what he looks for in an image and what he thinks will resonate with both him and in other people’s lives.

He said he has a degree in architecture from the University of Berkeley in California. Immediately after graduating from school he continued, “I fell in love with photography and, although untrained in photography, I became an architectural photographer and did so for two decades.” He described himself as a very determined man, so he set up a business with five full-time assistant photographers.

It was a good business, he said, but as a result of a small recession in the real estate economy, his income dropped slightly, when he was already 45 years old, photos of him were published all over the world and he enjoyed traveling on international missions. . After selling all his assets, he raised the money and decided to become a travel photographer overnight.

He then signed with the then leading photo agency in the world, Tony Stone images of London. He spent a year driving to the United States, photographing all the iconic travel icons, the Statue of Liberty and the St. Louis Arch and Mount Rasmore. As he recalls, he made $ 700 in stock photo sales the first year because it took him a while to ship these things around the world.

I saw, he said, “all these travel images like buildings.” The following year he dealt with Europe, spending a whole year photographing all its iconic images. As he mentioned, going to a city he is looking for only a wonderful photo, that is why, as he explained, he is looking all day looking for the best corner in the Eiffel Tower, when twilight falls and all the magic lights, he takes one of his photos and finishes. Indicatively, he noted that he is looking for his whole life only for a wonderful photo of the day.

The following year he decided to travel around the world in one year and thus closed 100 international flights in 365 days.

He pointed out that most of these flights were quite short because they went from country to country. So he replenished his portfolio, and then the money from Getty just started to skyrocket. He stayed, he said, on the street for nine consecutive years and visited more than 100 countries, declaring that he loved this way of life.

This way of life, noted the award-winning photographer, made him for nine consecutive years and had many crazy experiences, such as being robbed by cameras, caught an avalanche in Tibet and almost drowned in Puerto Vallarta, was stolen in Moscow and happened to him just incredible things. He wrote a book which was published in 2000. His wandering began again, he began to travel.

But then he noticed that, because the internet came along and there was no monetary value in taking the iconic travel photos, he changed gears and became an art photographer. In tomorrow’s exhibition, he noted that his works include steam, train wheels, mirrors with splashed paint, hand drawings, while he also brought some colorful travel-type images.

Over the past decade, the photographer’s creative endeavors have focused on developing a number of works of art to be featured in the current exhibition, including a body painting series with the most recent episode called “unCAGEd” photographed in exotic locations last month in the Philippines , including scenes shot in an abandoned haunted house.

The next stop of the photographer Glen Allison is Lithuania, later Mecca, the Philippines and he promised to return to Cyprus and Paphos in order to photograph its history and culture. Finally, he invited the world to travel and to record in his memory as many images as possible. The exhibition will run until May 21.

Source: KYPE

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