Audio Document 'Burns' Liz Truss - Says Brits Are Lazy

Liz Truss may seem the undisputed favorite to be the one to be sworn in as Prime Minister replacing Boris Johnson but it is not excluded that she will get into adventures that could even block her way to Downing Street.

And that’s because in an audio document published by the Guardian, Liz Truss can be heard speaking disparagingly of the British and saying that workers need to do “more hard work”. The recording was made during the period when Tras was No. 2 of the Ministry of Finance.

Truss, who leads Rishi Sunak by 22 points, suggested in the audio that there did not appear to be much desire to change the working culture to make the UK more prosperous, while she had not hesitated to attack the British workers characteristically saying that they “need more of a push”, effectively implying that they do not have the “ability” of foreign competitors.

“British workers produce less per hour than … and that’s a mix of skills and applications.” He continues: “If you look at productivity, it’s very, very different in London to the rest of the country. But basically… this has been going on for decades. It’s actually partly a matter of mindset and attitude, I think. It’s the work culture, basically. If you go to China it’s quite different, I can assure you,” the prime ministerial candidate can be heard saying.

“There is a fundamental issue with British work culture. Essentially, if we are to become a richer and more prosperous country, this must change. But I don’t think people are that willing to change that,” he added.

“In Britain there is a bit of a thing about wanting easy answers. That is my reflection on the election and everything that came before and the referendum – we say that it is all of Europe that is causing these huge problems… all these immigrants are causing these problems. But actually what needs to happen is more… more pushing. It’s not a popular message,” he concluded.

The disparaging comments call to mind a controversial passage listing British workers as “the worst slackers in the world” from the book Britannia Unchained, which Truss co-authored in 2012 when she was a new MP trying to make her mark as a neo-Thatcherite. .

He denies calling the British “lazy” in a book

However, during the first televised Tory leadership debate in July Liz Truss claimed she had not written the offending chapter and blamed her colleague Dominic Raab, who co-wrote it with her – and a few other Conservative MPs – book.

“Each author wrote a different chapter. Dominic Raab wrote this chapter – he supports Rishi Sunak,’ he told the BBC presenter. Dominic Raab later claimed that the authors had taken “collective responsibility” for the book, adding that Truss should “explain why she changed her mind”.

In the leaked recording, Truss claimed the meaning of the book had been distorted when it was released a decade ago, but did not elaborate on how she believed the passage had been misrepresented.

Trash’s comments on the productivity of workers outside London could cause major damage, the Guardian notes, as earlier in August she was forced to reverse plans to cut pay for civil servants outside the capital after an angry outcry from conservative MPs.

The prime ministerial candidate also claimed there had been “deliberate misrepresentation” of her policy – although her campaign had released specific details – but confirmed she was abandoning plans for regional pay boards for civil servants.

London had the highest level of productivity of any other UK region in 2020, with output per hour more than 50% higher than the average, according to the Office for National Statistics.

However, this is widely believed to be a result of large multinational companies being located in the capital, higher involvement in research and development, business size and level of exports, and transport infrastructure.

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