Bale: "The problem is that people believe what they read"

Gareth Bale has left Real Madrid after 9 years, with the 32-year-old Welshman looking for the next stage of his career as a free agent, having managed to win three championships and five Champions Leagues, while he also scored 106 goals with her whites. “Queen”.

Nevertheless, life for him in Madrid was not always easy, since especially in the last seasons he was accused of being indifferent to the team and pretending to be injured, so as not to play. When asked about this, he replied:

“I was in good shape and I could play in several games, but the coach did not choose me and people assumed I was injured. So it was with the infamous golf story. People think I play all the time, which is not the case. People think I’m constantly injured, but neither is that. “The problem is that people believe what they read and that creates in their minds the image that this always happens.”

As for the next stage of his career and whether he would accept to play in a lower level team, he replied: “I do not know if where you will play makes such a big difference. Football is football. I want to make sure that I will fight and stay in good physical condition. Ideally, I would like to go to the World Cup having gotten toys on my feet and being as physically fit as I can. “I have some possible destinations in mind.”

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