Baños Change Lives: how to help more Peruvians have access to drinking water and sanitation?

Between 7 and 8 million Peruvians do not have access to drinking waterTherefore, proposals to change this situation are urgent. In this sense, the “Baños Cambian Vidas” program appears, promoted by Suave de Kimberly Clark, whose objective is the construction of decent bathrooms to generate changes regarding this problem.

These were some of the topics discussed during the webinar “Bathrooms Change Lives”, organized by Suave and broadcast on the Facebook fanpage and the YouTube channel of the newspaper El Comercio. This activity included the participation of Segundo Pérez, senior manager of Family Care Marketing at Kimberly-Clark Peru; and Gisela Murrugara, director of Water for People Peru. The moderation was in charge of Samanta Alva, journalist of Bienestar of the newspaper El Comercio.

Pérez commented that this program was born motivated by the new definition of the UN development agenda, which places as one of the most important objectives providing access to water and sanitation for the entire population. “The program began in 2015, and although our objective is to improve the lives of our consumers, with this we complement to close this gap of 3.6 billion people without access to water and sanitation globally”, explains the senior manager of Family Care Marketing at Kimberly-Clark Peru.

Gender and dignity problem

For his part, Murrugara explains that having a bathroom restores people’s self-esteem, security, and the pride of having a decent hygienic service because this changes their lives.” The lack of hygienic services is actually a gender problem, since 15% of the population still defecates in the open. So, let’s imagine a teenager who has to walk meters to get behind a hill or a bush to relieve himself. He is extremely vulnerable, ”explains the director of Water for People Peru.

In addition, Pérez explained that it is possible to participate in the fight to close this gap, since part of the income from Suave sales is destined for the “Baños Cambian Vidas” program that focuses on building decent bathrooms throughout Latin America. “The donation is not tied to the purchase of the product, but to signal consumers our action we are launching a special edition,” he said.

This special edition of Suave’s Complete Care line is already in stores. “You can find it from November to February. It is our usual product but with communication about the importance of joining the program and generating greater awareness about this problem”, concluded the Kimberly-Clark Peru expert.

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