As we built the Titanic, the largest Lego of our time

We often bring the love of colored cubes from childhood to adulthood, and LEGO likes to take advantage of that. It offers fans of movie superheroes sets that refer to cult films from DC Comics and rival Marvel.

The menu includes a Batman mask modem on a pedestal. Iron Man was created by LEGO in the form of a dot image, you can choose a motif and when you buy these kits, you will compose a large image. You can then use your mobile phone to play the soundtrack.

Avengers: Endgame is (after Avatar) the second most profitable film in history. This time, LEGO did not go after the heroes themselves, but an object that plays a central role – a gold glove with stones of infinity. The film Venom 2 had its premiere recently. You can build a “bust” of Lego with its tongue out.

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