"Berg asked for transfer Cane"

According to a Greek publication, the “sportdog” website, mentions five loan players from Olympiakos.

Among them, Pafos’ Mamadou Kane is mentioned, since the publication in question mentions that Henning Berg seems to have asked for the 25-year-old midfielder to stay.

The relevant report in detail:

Mourinho/Modela/Berg appear to have already requested the purchase of Mandy Kamara/Herni Onyekuru/Mamadou Kane from Olympiakos. With the 3 loaned Africans of “red and white” ownership having an option to buy from Roma/Antanas/Paphos respectively, which under certain conditions can become mandatory!

Among the second names of players/owners of Olympiakos who have left on loan, the presence of Mamadou Kane in Pafos, a surprise team in the Cyprus championship, is also memorable. Leader with a point difference, Russian owner, two seasoned international Spanish footballers in the roles of technical director and strategic advisor (Medieta and Mitchell Salgado) and coach the Dane (champion with Omonia) Henning Berg…

Honest Kane is the pillar in Paphos’ midfield, with ten (10) 90 minutes and 1 goal! And he is on loan… of the Kamara/Onyekourou category, that is, there is an option to buy him from the Cypriot team with the Russian owner, amounting to 2,500,000 euros. An option that had been entered after the insistence of Pafos, a sample apart from its intention and its financial capacity…

Let’s also look at the market value of the aforementioned 5 Olympiakos loan players. Mandi Kamara 11,000,000 euros, Onyekourou 6,000,000, Hassan 3,000,000, Ziegernagel 3,500,000 and Kane 1,000,000 euros. In other words, the total value of the 5 specific football shares amounts to 24,500,000 euros!!

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