Biden pardons turkeys ahead of Thanksgiving (vid)

Keeping with tradition, US President Joe Biden pardoned two North Carolina turkeys, Chocolate and Chip, so they won’t end up on the festive table as a delicacy on Thanksgiving.

In return, the two turkey farmers cackled their thanks to the president, who thus heralded the start of the holiday season.

As the temperature in Washington has dropped, Biden said he didn’t want to drag out the “ceremony,” on the South Lawn of the White House, “because nobody likes cold turkey.”

A military band set the pace and got the audience in the right mood, playing a cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Freebird’. From the White House balcony, behind Biden, the president’s First Dog, the German shepherd Commander, watched, barking loudly.

Millions of turkeys will be roasted in ovens across the country on Thursday and eaten with gravy and a variety of side dishes – from potatoes to beans. But Chocolate, weighing about 23 kilograms, and Chip, half a kilogram thicker, will not have that fate: they will be transferred to the University of North Carolina to spend the rest of their lives there.

Biden made a reference to the Nov. 8 midterm elections, in which Democrats retained control of the Senate but narrowly lost the House, depriving Republicans of the “red wave” they dreamed of. “The votes have been counted and verified. There is no stuffed ballot box. There is no anti-fowl action,” he said, punning on the words fowl and foul. The only “red wave,” he added, would only occur if the Commander accidentally spilled the cranberry sauce.

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Source: APE-MPE-Reuters

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