Amazon offers different offers within the framework of Black Friday.

The brands that join the event offer discounts of up to 70% on websites and physical stores.

There is less and less to go for the date most awaited by many consumers at this time of year: the black fridaythe commercial event that was born in the United States and has repercussions in Argentina, with up to 70% discounts on websites and physical stores.

However, When does Black Friday 2022 start? From the November 25 you can take full advantage of the offers that start the Christmas shopping season.

Without the presence of the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE)the same one that organizes Cyber ​​Monday, the next edition of Black Friday is not organized by a local entity, but rather replicates the popular day of discounts on the North American calendar on the eve of Thanksgiving.

This event promotes businesses, both physical stores and online stores, that offer great discounts with the aim of attracting new customers and depleting the stock of their companies in the face of the Christmas holidays.

Black Friday 2022: the best deals

Amazon offers different offers within the framework of Black Friday.

In case of opting for some of the products on the e-commerce platforms Amazon, AliExpress, Alibaba, Walmart, BestBuy, Target, and hundreds of official e-commerce the conditions imposed by the AFIP for shipments from abroad must be taken into account.

In principle, products that do not exceed 20 kilos are authorized, with a price less than 3000 dollars and up to three units of the same species. These types of shipments can be used only 5 times per calendar year and per person.

The direct delivery process is carried out from a courier-type private mail service through door-to-door shipments, without additional procedures or payments.

In case of buying products through the eCommerce of Amazon Shipping depends on shipping options and products.

The Express takes 3 to 4 working days, and the rates for books, CDs, vinyls, DVDs and video games (except consoles) are 20 euros per shipment + 9 euros per kg. The rest of the products cannot be sent to Argentina with this shipping method.

In the case of shipment through Amazon Global Express, which also takes 3 to 4 working days, the costs for any product are 21 euros (3,638 pesos) per shipment + 11 euros (1905 pesos) per kilogram. To these values ​​you must add the amounts corresponding to Argentine taxes.

Wallmart deals on Black Friday.

Wallmart deals on Black Friday.

By using the service airbox There are no AFIP or Customs procedures and they provide a shipping guarantee. In addition, they offer “import to official dollar without 75%”, so it would take the change to a cheaper number for import. Likewise, your service is not affected by the stocks on quotas for purchases abroad.

Meanwhile, the app Grabrwhose service allows hundreds of thousands of users to buy abroad and receive these products in Argentina from the hand of a traveler, offers discounts of up to 70% buying in 12 installments and in pesos.

Some of the most outstanding offers of Black Friday are the Fitbit Versa (from US$149.95 it dropped to US$99.95), or the RayBan New aviator (which is US$198.40, and before it was US$248 ). You can also find the game Operación for only US$10, or the Fujifilm Instax mini for US$49.

Telefunken's programmable pressure cooker that he sells during Black Week.

Telefunken’s programmable pressure cooker that he sells during Black Week.

Other local brands, like Telefunkensell different products from their eCommerce to renovate the kitchen at home: a fryer without oil, a programmable pressure cooker and an electric grill with prices below 50 thousand pesos in this bidding period.

In the year 2021, according to data from a private consultancy, the so-called Black Week registered a 80% increase in billing with an average ticket of $7,000, compared to 2020. Furthermore, the most sought-after promotions and discounts were on tickets, hotels, and vacation packages.


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