Google is facing new competition.  Brave promises an open and anonymous search engine

Former Mozilla boss and JavaScript author Brendan Eich is now working on the development of the secure Brave browser, and last year he added custom search engine. His new company bought an existing Tailcat, making it an alternative to Google for those who don’t want to be tracked every step of the way and who appreciate a transparent algorithm for how search engines rank results on a page.

Brave Search now balanceswhat he managed to achieve in a year. The creators claim that it is the fastest growing search engine since the launch of Bing. In 365 days, they have already processed 2.5 billion queries. Google reached this level in more than a year, DuckDuckGo took three times longer.

But both are different today. The duck finder tends to be around three billion queries a month. Google no longer publishes the numbers, but 10 years ago it already had 3.5 billion queries a day. At the same time, the Internet has grown since then and dependence on Google has grown thanks to smartphones or even voice assistants.

However, Brave Search is well on track, according to the current trend, it should process five billion search queries in the second year of life. And so far, creators only target selected markets because they only support a few languages. Apart from English, they are German, Spanish, French, Japanese and, somewhat surprisingly, Albanian (some of the authors of the original Tailcat are Albanians).

It also wants to be different from the competition in terms of functions. Brave, for example, recently launched Goggles (“goggles” but also a pinch to Google), which adds several optional filters to the result. For example, Brave can distinguish between left-wing / right-wing media, exclude duplicate pages or links to Pinterest, or pinpoint what technology bloggers or Hacker News writers write about the topic. The filter that throws the first 1000 places out of the results is also funny, so those sites that no one would ever click on will be given priority.

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Brave Search with right media filter

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