Broom operation for undeclared work - 22 arrests

The actions of the Police to suppress the phenomenon of illegal and undeclared work and illegal employment continue.

Specifically, yesterday between the hours of 6 p.m. – 9 pm, members of YAM Famagusta and the Labor Inspection Service of the Ministry of Labor, conducted operations in premises in Paralimni and Deryneia.

During the operation, 22 people were checked, of which 25-year-old and 26-year-old were arrested, for the crime of illegal employment and stay. Also, the members of the Labor Inspection Service, issued notices for violations related to undeclared work, to six persons, amounting to 21,000 euros.

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At the same time, around 4 p.m. Yesterday, members of YAM Famagusta, located a 44-year-old woman working in violation of the conditions of her stay in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus and was arrested for a self-inflicted crime.

The 44-year-old and her 55-year-old employer were called to a police station, where they were interrogated and charged in writing.

The exams continue.

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