The Apple Pay Later system works on any company device.

Apple’s leg in the financial field is getting stronger. Its main tools are the popular Apple Pay and the Apple Card. These two options are now joined Apple PayLaterwhich gives the possibility of finance purchases in installments without interest.

The tendency to offer these options of Buy Now, Pay Later (“buy now, pay later”) are increasingly widespread and Apple took advantage of this demand to present its own proposal in this segment.

The novelty is that this purchase option is integrated within Apple Pay, the mobile payment service. This is a new modality that allows payment to be divided into up to four installments without interest for six weeksthe same that the industry is offering.

The company’s contactless payments ecosystem enables purchases in physical stores, in mobile applications and on the web from an iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

How to make purchases in interest-free installments with Apple Pay Later

The Apple Pay Later system works on any company device.

To distribute expenses over the course of a month, any Apple Pay user can decide if they want to pay a certain amount in one payment or in installments.

Thus, once the identity is verified on the device, using Touch ID or Face ID, it will request that the purchase be paid in full or that it be made deferred. Whoever chooses to Pay later, will see how much is paid at the moment and what will be the quota every two weeks.

The next maturities are managed through the app AppleWallet, the company wallet. Using the software allows you to keep track of what’s due and when.

The first expiration is formalized at the beginning of the purchase, followed later three other payments that can be deferred for two weeks each, for a total of six weeks to make full payment.

Apple Pay is an important part of Wallet, the mobile app where digital versions of credit cards, debit cards, and even the Apple card are stored so you can pay with Apple Pay and Apple Pay Later.

In any case, Apple has communicated that this novelty comes on Apple Pay, in an integrated way in the United States, although without specifying its geographical availability.

This novelty will be available when Apple releases the final versions of iOS 16, the newly announced operating system that will arrive at the end of September.

What changes come to the iPhone with iOS 16

The news of the new Apple operating system.  Photo EFE

The news of the new Apple operating system. Photo EFE

The most visible change in the software that will arrive with the iPhone 14 will be the new lock screenwhich will offer a multitude of design options and the possibility of including “widgets” and updates in real time.

In the case of the messages application, Apple decided to respond to the repeated requests of its users and allow editing and deleting messages once sent, as well as marking a conversation as unread to remember to answer it later.

iOS 16 also brings improvements to the voice dictation system, to the maps application -with more detail and 3D available in several countries.

Apple will also expand the possibilities for parents to control their children’s use of the iPhone and offer a privacy option designed for people in abusive relationships, which may leave the other person without access to their location or shared keys, among other things. .


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