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Microsoft has updated its service to connect to the phone. In addition to calling and writing SMS from a computer, notifications from other services or an even more accessible gallery are now available.

For applists, a common thing for Windows is connecting to the phone has been a matter of the last two years. Applications Your Phone in a recent update, Microsoft renamed it Phone Link. Several new useful features have been added.

It will not work without an account

To be able to connect your phone to a computer running Windows 10 and 11 via the application, you must meet several conditions. The main thing is to have a personal account with Microsoft. If you don’t have it, you will set it up at you can also log in.

You can now proceed to the connection itself. This is very intuitive: first download the application from the Play Store to your phone first Link to Windows. 1 Then open the menu on the Windows 10 computer Start and find and run in the application list Connection with telephone. If you do not have this application listed, you can install it from the Microsoft Store. Although the service pretends to be for Samsung phones only, you can run it on all devices with Android 7.0 or higher.

You will be taken to a guide that will explain in the first step what you will actually be able to do with this application. You can continue by clicking the button We are starting. In the following steps, you will go through the phone with the computer through the generated QR code. 2

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