Casimiro Miguel, Brazilian who will broadcast the Qatar 2022 World Cup on YouTube.  |  (Photo: Casimiro Miguel/Facebook)

The World Cup in Qatar will begin on November 20 and those who did not have the opportunity to travel to this country to watch the matches in person will have a different alternative to television so as not to miss any of the sporting events: Youtube.

Casimiro, one of the best-known streamers in Brazil and one of the most popular in the world, achieved an alliance with FIFA to have the rights to the Qatar 2022 World Cup and broadcast 22 live matches legally on YouTubeincluding the opening and the final, which is scheduled for December 18.

Casimiro Miguel Vieira da Silva Ferreira, better known as Casimiro or Cazé, is a Brazilian journalist, presenter, sports commentator, digital influencer, YouTuber and streamer. He also makes content for the internet on his Twitch and YouTube channels and works on the De Sola, Ei Games and TNT Sports (Brazil) channels, all on YouTube.

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The channel through which the transmissions will be made is called ‘CazéTv’ and already has 142,000 subscribers. In addition, there will be highlights (best moments) of all the Cup matches, according to information revealed by the Brazilian portal Lance.

Casimiro Miguel, Brazilian who will broadcast the Qatar 2022 World Cup on YouTube. | (Photo: Casimiro Miguel/Facebook)

Previously, In Brazil you could only see the World Cup on common television, since Globo has the rights to broadcast it to all media. Therefore, it could only be seen through Globo (open TV), Sportv (closed TV) and Globoplay (streaming).

The outlet also had an exclusive agreement for internet broadcasts, but he resigned after negotiating with FIFA in 2021, since he was late in the payment he had to make and the entity filed a lawsuit against the broadcaster. The case was only resolved when the company gave up exclusivity in the streaming fee.

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In the broadcasts of the Qatar 2022 World Cup matches, Casimiro Miguel will be accompanied by a great team, because in addition to the members of ‘CazéTV’, there will be former players of the Brazilian National Team such as Marcelo, Edmilson, Juninho Pernambucano, Emerson and Júnior Baiano.

Casimiro is the first influencer to broadcast a World Cupbecause in the past years the Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos had already done so with the rights to broadcast the Copa América 2021 that was played in Brazil.

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