Cerrón advises Elon Musk in the face of the Twitter crisis: "Improve your relationship with the workers"

Vladimir Cerrón, founder of the political party Peru Libre, was encouraged to give advice to Elon Musk In the midst of the crisis that it is going through in Twitter for the controversial measures he adopted after assuming the absolute leadership of the popular social network.

What should Twitter do next?”, Was the open question that Musk left through his own Twitter account.

Among the first 205,000 responses Musk’s tweet received was that of Vladimir Cerrón, who was encouraged to give the billionaire several pieces of advice.

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Improve your relationship with workers and improve your cybersecurity, better empathy with users by expanding the possibility of correcting publications at no cost”, was Cerrón’s response.

It should be remembered that the founder of Peru Libre is very active on Twitter, so it is not surprising that among his requests to Musk he has highlighted the free editing of tweets.

What is the Twitter crisis due to?

Since he took the reins of Twitterthe mogul has mobilized teams around the clock on contentious projects that have had to be postponed, launched a massive social plan before having to call back essential people and made promises to advertisers while threatening them.

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On Thursday night, many users of the social network, including former collaborators, journalists and analysts, wondered if the end of Twitter would be close

Thursday afternoon, Twitter warned all employees that company buildings were temporarily closed and inaccessible, even for ID card entry, according to an internal memo reported by various US media.

In the evening, anti Elon Musk on the facade of the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, right next to the logo, including “Elon Muskshut up”, “Stop the Twitter Toxic” or “Forward to Bankruptcy,” according to photos by Gia Vang, a local NBC reporter.

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Dozens of employees of the social network met on Thursday night in “Spaces”, the platform’s audio rooms, to support each other and tell anecdotes.

The employees who chose to stay spoke of their unwavering attachment to the company and their desire to see it survive and even be reborn.

Sources: El Comercio / AFP

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