Debris from the first stage of a Chinese missile landed in the Indian Ocean near the Philippines

China has been accused of forcibly seizing the wreckage of its Long March 5B missile, which was recovered by a Philippine vessel after impacting the sea. This incident happened over the weekend near Thitu Island.

According to BBC China did not even hesitate to cut the tow rope, with the help of which one part of the rocket was transported.

“A Chinese coast guard ship twice blocked the Filipinos’ pre-set course and then forcefully picked up an object confirmed to be from a Long March 5B missile,” Philippine Navy Vice Admiral Alberto Carlos said.

“It was not a matter of life and death”

A spokesman for the island nation’s government then said the sailors did not fight back because it was not “a matter of life and death”.

The former Middle Kingdom understood this version of events questions and claims that the Filipinos decided to hand over the wreckage to her voluntarily, after “friendly consultation” beforehand.

Recall that the upper stage of another Chinese rocket – specifically the Long March 6A – recently disintegrated after entering Earth’s orbit, resulting in several dozen potentially dangerous pieces of space debris.

Cover illustration photo: Government of India

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