Christodoulidis analyzed his proposals for equality at a women's event

His proposals for equal representation of men and women were analyzed at an event in support of his candidacy in Limassol, titled “Women in Front”, by candidate President Nikos Christodoulidis.

A statement from his staff states that Mr. Christodoulidis said in his speech that the women of Cyprus rightfully demand transparency, the fight against corruption, meritocracy for their children, better schools and hospitals, structures for infants and toddlers, structures and services for the elderly, school buses, public safety and dealing with immigration.

They are still asking, he said, for more decent salaries and pensions, support for the vulnerable groups of the disabled, single parents and those with many children, the rule of law and determination for the resolution of the Cyprus problem and the reunification of Cyprus”.

Referring to the proposal for equal representation of 50-50 men and women, he said that policies would be implemented that would create the conditions for women to have the time and energy, without giving up the multiple roles that society imposes on them, to participate as and wherever they wish, in public, in politics, in company boards, in cultural and sporting events, in decision-making centers.

He also elaborated on other proposals of his program to promote equality, which are posted on his website

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