Christodoulidis attended the memorial service of the hero of EOKA, Kyriakou Matsis

The independent candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, attended the annual memorial service of the hero of EOKA, Kyriakos Matsis, which was held in his hometown of Palaichori. He then attended the trisago that was sung at the monument of the heroes of the community, Kyriakos Matsis, Michalakis Karaolis and Nikos Georgiou, where he laid a wreath.

Afterwards, Mr. Christodoulidis, accompanied by members of his staff, attended the event of the Sports and Spiritual Club of Palaichori, APOP, during which the Matsio Prize was presented to the three female students who nominated in the essay competition.

Afterwards, again accompanied by members of his staff, he spoke with the community leader of Palechorio Morphou, as well as residents of the community, with whom he exchanged views on how the government can strengthen the mountainous areas. Mr. Christodoulidis presented his program for the mountainous areas and listened to the views of the residents and the problems they face. The main ones are the need for further staffing of the Health Center, the improvement of the road network to and from the community, but also within the residential zone, as well as providing incentives for the resettlement of young people in the community and limiting urbanization.

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